3. How Could I Know?

Why do I regret it so much? Why do I think of it a lot? Why do I always wonder, If it ever was love or not? But how could I know?

Maybe in the end you weren’t the person I’ve always dreamt of, maybe someday I will meet someone & it will be true love. So how could I know if I even loved you, and didn’t just like a thing or two about you, In the end we were still young and we couldn’t be sure if it was true, So how could I know?

I know it, because to you I’ve compared every guy I liked, & no one was good enough, no one was just right, I know it when I just hear your name, and the blood flows through my veins, when I still think of you after all those years, and never forgot any of our memories, or when I know you’re with other girls, & I feel so jealous, Even if it was a decent talk or just exchanging looks.

I don’t only know, I am sure this love was true, and I miss you and regret ever letting you go. But who knows, maybe destiny will put us together some day, and all what happened was just part of our own epic love story.

2. Dream Of You

Before I saw you, I believed there’s no such thing as love at the first sight, and when I saw you I felt something different but I still denied. And now to myself I could no longer lie, because everyone can see the love in my eyes, and so I guess I must confess,

I only sleep to dream of you, and wish those dreams would come true, now every love song I listen to, just reminds me of you, and when I see your face, it’s all that makes my day, Is it all proof enough or is there more I should say?

I know I may not be able to see you again, and that my timing seems to be late, but who knows, I’ll always be hopeful and wait for the sudden twists of fate. Of course I won’t give up on you, how could I do so when now,

I only sleep to dream of you, and wish those dreams would come true, now every love song I listen to, just reminds me of you, and when I see your face, it’s all that makes my day, Is it all proof enough or is there more I should say?

1. You Make Me Write Poetry

When I first met you I admit, I wasn’t that interested, and then by time after some thinking, I realized there’s a lot I’m missing. When you were so sweet, I was kind of rude instead, I wish I could go back in time and just change it, because now I see what you do to me,
You make me write poetry, you make me sing endlessly, I just wanna know what hit me, because I know very well this ain’t me.
Is it your eyes or your smile, let me think for a while, is it because how sweet you are, or how amazing you play football? Maybe it’s just everything about you, I don’t really know, but what I know is that,
You make me write poetry, you make me sing endlessly, I just wanna know what hit me, because I know very well this ain’t me.
I don’t want to wait anymore, for the one I’ve always been waiting for, if only this could be you, I’ll never be better, yeah it’s true, I just wish I could know what happens to me when I see you,
because You make me write poetry, you make me sing endlessly, I just wanna know what hit me, because I know very well this ain’t me.

Attention Everybody! Get Ready to Read a Good Story

Attention Everybody: Get Ready to Read a Good Story!

My next post will be the first post in a series of posts about “mistakenly thought to be love” stories, based on 100% true stories and so guaranteed to be realistic and I’m sure many of you will relate to them.

I will publish one post everyday and I will divide the posts into two chapters. The first is about a couple of high school stories, which may be written in a little less writing quality, and they’re not complete stories, they’re just a reminder of how stupid we were in high school and that what you thought was love was actually stupid bluff.

The second chapter is better. It’s the college story. It’s quite interesting and yet very common with a very emotional beginning that goes through a tough heart break but ends with a strong happy ending. And this too was not true love.

I hope you enjoy reading them, relate to them, learn something from them and most of all believe that it only gets better.

P.S I’ll read any posts with the tags “mistakenly thought to be love” or “stupid bluff” so we can all relate and connect together our stories and experiences.

What do women want?

20140406-034407 pm.jpg
What do women want? A question since the beginning of mankind asked. I don’t say I have the perfect answer, but as a woman who knows other women, I can say what we want.

Women want equality. This is why there are a lot of feminists and no such thing as masculists. We want to be treated as equal human beings not as a lesser species. We want our rights to be given to us not as a privilege, but because we deserve them, because they always belonged to us.
We want to feel secure, especially when security has become based upon gender; if you’re a man, you can wander the streets anytime of the day and feel safer than any woman doing the same, and that is just because she was born a female.
We want to be respected and not underestimated, because a woman is physically and mentally capable of doing anything as good as a man or maybe even better, not as falsely assumed that somethings are better left for men. And this is why we women, want equality.

20140406-034616 pm.jpg
Women want love. Not only the cheesy romantic fairy tale type, but also in general from everyone we know and care about, because as women we have a flood of endless emotions, and when sharing them with others, we want them to be given back to us. Of course we want the cheesy romantic love too. We want that person that swipes us of our feet, gives us butterflies whenever we see them, and has a smile that lights the whole world up, and at the same time understands us, handles all our shit, and sees the beauty in us. We women, want all kinds of love, because it just makes life worth living it.

20140406-034819 pm.jpg
Women want money. Not because we’re materialistic creatures, but it’s because we love to buy new things all the time, we love shopping. To us, shopping is workout, therapy and fun, all in one. Walking through endless beauty, trying everything out there until you find that thing that was made for you, paying for it and then in an instant it becomes all yours; and when you get home, and see all the beautiful new things you got, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, you get an inexplicable feeling, a mixture of euphoria and ecstasy, better than any given by drugs. That feeling can heal anything, can make you feel happy, and that is why we women want money.

This is simply what most women agree they want, and it seems obvious that we’re not asking for much, yet we can’t still have it. We’re the reason for the continuity of life’s existence on this planet, so isn’t having what we want the least thanks we deserve?

The Endless Quest to be a Perfectionist

Whether you know it or not, you always seek perfection, and whether you admit or not, it has become your obsession, and that you’d go to extremes just to reach it. You don’t believe it? Let me prove you wrong.

Guys stay at the gym more than they stay at their houses, seeking physical perfection, and they do whatever it takes to look great even on the cost of their own health with all those steroids and supplements.

Girls are no different. A girl would try every diet there exists and with her weight she’s obsessed, looking healthy to her is fat, and anorexic to her is fab, and so to reach size zero is her life’s goal, yet she doesn’t understand that there’s no such thing as size zero at all.

The quest for perfection doesn’t end physically. You will always try to seek perfection in everything you do, in how you sit and stand, walk and talk, and in what you love and hate, or do and don’t, even in the choices you’re supposed to take, perfection is your one and only aim.

And to be clear, regardless of the fact that we seek perfection, it is still unconditional, each one has a certain perspective of it and aims for reaching it, and some try the impossible by aiming for the perspectives of other people without considering whether it is best for them or not.

We all know nobody is perfect, so why feel bad because we’re not? Why waste our lives trying to seek something we know does not exist? Work hard for your goals, only if achieving them makes you happy, and if your route to perfection doesn’t work, try something else, maybe perfection is not your thing, and always feel happy with whatever you have and whatever you achieve, because if you condition your happiness with perfection, then not only perfection you will never reach, but also happiness you will never know.

Football.. Not just a game

20140201-043807 am.jpg

When I was 11, I watched the 2006 World Cup and I was an Italy fan and surprisingly they won. At the same time I loved Zain Eldine Zidane for what an amazing player he was, and thought Leonel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo will be great players one day, for they too impressed me. But how could an 11 year old GIRL know all this?

It seems I’ve got my father’s passion and love for football. We would watch the games together and his love to the game was contagious that I became a crazy football fan even more than any guy you could meet, despite all the talks about me having to be a girl and act feminine. I was in love with the game and football was my one and only love. I would be on top of the world if my team won the game and I would literally cry if we lost, yet I would never give up on them, because that’s what you do when you’re in love.

20140201-042802 am.jpg
On my high school sophomore year, my dad travelled abroad for work and no one would watch the games with me or even tell me when are they and gradually I stopped watching football, not totally of course but occasionally. Each time I did, joy filled my heart but soon it would be gone because I couldn’t share it with anyone. So I thought, maybe I just loved football for the great times I spent with my father and maybe in the end I really was a girl who football wasn’t amongst her field of interests. By time I started acting more girly, stopped wearing football jerseys and sneakers and started wearing pink, and forgot about football.

But I was wrong, absolutely wrong. One day I took a look at my wall and then I remembered how much I loved football and so I decided to start watching it again.
20140201-042603 am.jpg

When I did, I realised that I don’t just love it, I adore it, that it wasn’t just a game to me, that I didn’t just watch it to spend time with my daddy, of course I loved that part but I also loved everything else about it; the players, the game, the action, the competition, the transfer season, the championships, the fights, the arguments, the passion, and the feeling of belonging to something big, something great, something beautiful that words can not explain. Football was not just a game, it was my love.

20140201-044424 am.jpg
This is what football was to me, to my dad, and to all the crazy fans out there, each one of us may seem negligible or insignificant but together we are what make this came magnificent, and without us it would lose all it’s magic and glamour. For this it pays us back by drawing a smile on our faces and bringing happiness to our hearts, by giving us hope and teaching us patience, giving us something to look forward to, uniting us together, doing what politics could never do, and I won’t be over exaggerating when I say making our lives better too, because football is not just a game, it’s our love, our life.

Define Love

If you were asked to define love, what would you say? The literal meaning of the word ‘love’ in the dictionary is: ‘a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude towards a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness’. My definition of love is, wanting to live so that you could be with that person and willingly dying so they could live forever or at least until your death. My sister said it’s an amazing inexplicable feeling you get in your heart when you see that person. My best friend believes it’s seeing that person as the most perfect thing on Earth no matter what everyone else thinks. Another described it as tether, a silk cloth wrapped around your heart that tightens when you’re in love. Some would say it’s all about trust, trusting this person even on your life. There are also those movie definitions about meeting the person who gives you butterflies in your stomach once you see them, or that person who always makes you smile when they’re around, or the all time favorite: love at the first sight where you just know you’re in love once your eyes meet. So what’d the exact definition of love? Here lies the beauty of the word. Love would be a mixture of all these definitions and more, combined together to form a perfect picture. Its beauty lies in its mystery, the fact that no exact words can define it and any meaning can be correct. It is a feeling people spend lifetimes searching for and when they think they have found it, one time it’s true and a million others it is not, and again the quest for finding true love goes on. Some people will succeed in finding it and others will die trying, and maybe in the middle of all this, it might find them when they’re not expecting. Will we ever be able to define love? No. Will we ever be able to understand it? No. Will we ever know how to find it? No. Will we exactly know when we are in love? No. Will we ever get tired of looking for it? No. And that is exactly what makes it the best of all feeling any one can ever have.

The Echo Of Her Revenging Ego

He was alone in the middle of an empty field, but was certain he heard someone whispering his name, it was her voice he was certain, and he kept hearing it again and again, or was it just the fact that he had become insane? She swore to herself in revenge she’d spend all her time, that she’ll make sure he had sleepless nights, and try to ruin his life with all her might. And how could she not do so when he did the worst of all crimes, he broke her heart not only once but a couple of times, first when he suddenly decided to leave, and the second when everyone he deceived. He left her with no real good reason, and she never asked him because she had a lot of ego, he wasn’t worth it, she thought and she promised to make him regret instead.

By time she forgot all the promises and vows she took, moved on with her life and decided to let it go, thought that’s the worst he could do, he surprised her with something new, and so not only did he just leave and break her heart, he also went to everyone and lied, told them things about her that were so untrue, and it was just recently when she knew, and so her anger increased and her hatred to him was beyond belief, and her old promises and vows she renewed. He tried to act normal and fake a smile, tried several times to say hi, act like nothing happened but he got no response, she avoided him and didn’t even look him in the eye, that’s when he realized how horrible was his crime, and even if he tried to fix things it will be too late, the look in her eyes was more than enough to let him know, that he should sleep with one eye open from now on.

This post is written for Today’s Author Write Now writing prompt and it took me about an hour to write it.

How to heal a broken heart

Once upon a time a guy broke my heart, I swore not to moan and groan, instead I preferred to heal my heart and go on, I decided the ending of this ugly chapter will be the beginning of a new beautiful one, and this exactly is what I’ve done, this is how I healed my broken heart.

I hated him with all my might and promised to ruin his life, and even if I wasn’t evil enough to do it myself, I pray someone else does it. And when again I met him, I didn’t try to say hi, not even goodbye, and if he asked me why, to that too I won’t reply, and seeing the look on his face, hoping to get back to the good old days, but knowing it’s absolutely hopeless, brings me ultimate happiness, and even sometimes a feeling of ecstasy, knowing how much he does feel sorry, I could see it in his eyes, he didn’t want to go away, he said he was leaving an hour ago, but he’s still standing out in the driveway, and I don’t know what was he waiting for, for me to come back? No way! I’m not an evil cold-hearted person, trust me I’m the farthest thing from being one, but it is just a fact well-stated, hell hath no fury as a woman broken-hearted.

This was the closure of that ugly chapter and the new one have begun, one where I’m a more successful independent woman, one where I’ve met new people, made new friends, focused more on my writings, rearranged my priorities, made sure not to repeat the same old mistakes, not to give away my heart easily, choose next time more precisely, and make sure this chapter lasts as much as I can, and any coming chapter is a better one, and this people is how you heal a broken heart.

This post is written for Today’s Author Write Now Prompt and it took me half an hour to write it so I hope you like it.


In the quest looking for the man of my dreams, I came to a point where it seemed to be hopeless, due to the lack of men and that’s the ugly truth, or the lack of REAL men to be more specific, and I know it’s a rare species found nowadays, but I’m willing to take my chances, and so I made my list of a real man’s characteristics.

A real man will judge me with only his heart and mind, think of me as an equal human being with rights, take a deep look in my inside, see the beauty on my outside, love me with all his might, and until the day he decides, I’ll be his partner for life, he will protect me from himself before everyone else, know that his love can be shown in many ways, that it doesn’t have to be physical so I can feel it, because a real man I’m proud I’ve known once said, a woman is like a shiny diamond, it loses its spark each time you touch it, even if it somehow was unintended, or at least that’s what they all say when they do it.

And after I become his partner this man will still love me, the same way he used to do before we got married, he will treat me like a princess and not a maid at his service, he will not at all find it shameful to help me with the household chores, he will not act like an animal in the presence of any beautiful girls, he will appreciate my effort at work and at home, and really understand the true value of a woman.

This is how a real man should be in my eyes, so I want my real man or otherwise, I’ll just keep waiting because I’m not willing to compromise, and my dear real man wherever you are, please show up because my hope in finding you is almost gone.


We all have our flaws and bad habits and of course we want to change this, but what if we don’t want to? What if we felt uncomfortable when we did so? What if this change changes who we really are? Is it still something we should go for?
Some people may say that I’m a random person who doesn’t think before acting or speaking, that my heart is an open book and what I feel comes straight out of my lips without passing through my brain, and that this is not something good, that’s what they say, actually they think it even stands in my way, my way of having someone to fall in love with me, that to get my prince I first need to act as a princess and what I’m doing is so far from being this. They think this attitude may push away anyone trying to get closer to me away, they would think I’m a person hard to get along with since I don’t know how to make a beautiful white lie out of the ugly truth, and that I may seem to be an irresponsible person, not thinking before speaking or considering the consequences of my words and actions, and so I need to change all this about me to be a perfect princess and find a perfect prince for me.
A friend of mine once said: ‘Why does there have to be always a prince and a princess? Why can’t we just be two average people who love each other?’ And she was absolutely right. I didn’t want to change to a perfect princess nor do I want a perfect prince, I just want an average person who loves me and accepts me the way I am and knows how to see the bright side of all my flaws, that I would be perfect in his eyes. Love is unconditional and there is no specific meaning for perfection; everyone has their own perspective of it. So someday someone will love you exactly the way you are and you will be perfect in their eyes. Someone will come to your life and prove whoever doubted you ever finding love and whoever found you imperfect, wrong. Until then only change if it makes you happy and makes you become something you want, but other than that, hold your head up high and be proud of you are.


What is the true meaning of happiness? What are the conditions to reach it? Is success now so far-fetched? Is love needed to feel both happiness and success? Are happiness, love and success nothing but a myth? Well, welcome to the longest article I’ve ever written so far and hopefully someway along it you find your answer…

First of all let me tell you how am I now without any guy. I have a great loving family, no guy did this to me; I have a lot of amazing friends, no guy has anything to do with that too; I’m a dentistry student, a future dentist to be, did any guy do so? Hell no I did it all on my own! I’m a talented writer, my blogs get views from all over the world, and I have two song writing collaborations abroad and no man has anything to do with this all. Add to this that I’m beautiful and smart and this is just a start, and I’m not being cocky or arrogant, I’m just stating a fact. And who needs a man when they got chocolate and ice-cream? Who needs anyone when they can go shopping, buy new stuff and feel like a queen?

To be clear, I’m not saying be single for life here, I’m not saying don’t love, have kids and make a family, all I’m saying is you don’t need a specific person or relationship to make you happy, you don’t need cheesy romantic love to feel whole. All you need is to fall in love with yourself first, with your friends and family and all what you got, then start doing what you’re good at, what you love, there sure is something you’re special at, we are all talented, go follow your dream, whatever it is, and happiness starts by following your dream, just knowing you’re doing something you love, or something you’re really good at brings you an unbelievable sense of euphoria with the slightest achievement, and don’t let anything on Earth, no anything in the entire universe, get you down. trust me life is too short to waste it being anything but happy, so stop wasting it in doing something that doesn’t make you feel so. There is no guaranteed pathway or shortcut to happiness, neither success and fame, nor love or power can guarantee happiness to you, but enjoying all the little things you have, making the most out of every moment, doing the things you love, enjoying what you have, can all get you there and maybe then when you reach your dream someday, it will be a bonus way to be happy, but don’t wait for something specific to be happy, be happy and wait for the specific things to happen, because happiness is unconditional, and can be found in everything no matter how small. Love is found everywhere around you and that cheesy romantic one is gonna happen someday too and it won’t have to be like someone else’s, we will all have our own epic love story someday that will be so special, we just have to wait for that other person because it’s their problem they’re late. Success will come your way if you do what you love, enjoy it and work hard for it and it’s never too late to begin, it’s just a bit delayed, so go for it because you never know what happens next. Happiness will always be there if you just look for it and find it in what you have and if you take it small, by time it will grow to be more.

10 Reasons to Follow me

A writer is nothing without readers. I do have readers and I love them a lot, those who I know and who I do not. But I need more, I need my writings to reach as much people as possible, so one day I could achieve my main goal, which is people relating to my writings and getting inspired, and maybe one day become a published writer that changes people’s lives.

So why do you think you would want to follow me?

1) I write everything with my heart and my mind too sometimes, so all my writings are 100% honest thoughts and true stories.

2) I write about a lot of topics, so I assure you variety when reading my writings.

3) I’m very optimistic so all my writings deliver a positive message.

4) I don’t like to leave things hanging without an ending, so I either provide one or at least the options available.

5) I’m a normal human being with a normal life so most of you will relate to what I write.

6) Being normal doesn’t mean I’m boring, absolutely not; my writings will sure interest you a lot.

7) If you follow me I will sure follow you, I love reading and would love to know more about you.

8) If you comment positively, I will sure appreciate it, and if you comment negatively, I will totally respect it, and I will reply back if needed.

9) You will be helping a young girl make her dream come true; how kind and noble is this of you?

10) If you follow me I will love you, appreciate you and always mention you as I did here

Thanks for the Chance

Usually before I write, I already have the idea and content in mind, and all I need is put it down, but this time it’s different; I absolutely have no idea what will be my next line. I just know the title and the reason, and the rest will come along. I know what I’m about to write may seem insignificant to many of you, but I’m sure it’s not irrelevant, and since I write for people to relate and get inspired, then I think here I had the first part covered.

I’ve been writing since 9th grade, or at least that’s when I first knew I could write. Thanks to my friend Shery, may her soul RIP, she was the first one who saw me writing in a boring class and said ‘wow this is beautiful it could be a song!’ and I was like ‘a what?’ Since then it has become a habit that I write down my feelings and the small school bands would take those writings and play them and I never had copies. I had a writer’s block for two years and at the end of my senior year, my head teacher asked me to write a graduation speech and since then I haven’t stopped writing. My writings I only showed to the circle of my close friends, which didn’t exceed five, and sometimes only my two best friends, Malak and Alaa, whose names are very worth mentioning.

Here was the start of my so far 4 months long success journey. My friend Alyaa had a friend who was making an online magazine by the name Hash an asked me to write there. The first issue got more than 1000 views and my writings got great feedback. Second was signing up to WordPress about 2 months ago, where I got 8 followers and 124 views from all over the world so far. Last but not least, and probably the reason for writing this, a request from Glipho on Instagram asking me to join them, which at first I thought was spam, but when I knew it was not, I was on top of the world and in two days I’ve managed to get 14 views so far. Add to this the songwriting collaborations from USA and the UK; and I live in Egypt by the way. Now could it get any better?

Maybe the point behind this is never give up on your dreams, believe in yourself and always keep a great support system. I’m not a best seller author now or Nickelback’s songwriter, I’m just an ordinary person like most of you are, but I’m on the pathway to achieving my dreams so far. It took me time to believe in myself and have the courage to show the world my talent, but as soon as I did take the first step, everything else started coming up. You may have noticed me repeating ‘so far’ a lot, but I meant to repeat it because this hasn’t ended, it’s just the start. To end this exceptionally long article, I’ve got two things to say. First, take the first step, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take it and the rest will come along. Second and most importantly, to Hash, WordPress, Glipho, SongwritingFever, my friends, viewers, followers, to all who made this, Thanks for the Chance

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The Power of Love

Don’t get fooled by the title, just read it till the end and you sure will understand.

That sudden moment where you get this wake up call, realize everything you do is wrong, want to walk away sometime by yourself, though it’s something you always objected, you try to hold yourself but you could no more, something is really going wrong. Flawless is not something to describe yourself with, you’re full of flaws, everybody knows, but why has everyone managed to handle you for so long? Has your merits outnumbered your flaws?

I try to look at the good in me and there’s not much to see, is love so blind maybe? Or does it really make you behold what others can not? Is the power of love so strong to make you believe in yourself for so long? I’m not talking about cheesy romantic love, I’m talking about friends and family and people who care about you the most. They love and cherish you with no conditions or no rules. To them your flaws are what actually defines you, what makes them love you even more, and maybe that’s why you were never able to see them before. They advise you and maybe sometimes get upset, not because it bothers them or that won’t make them love you the same, No, but because they care so much about you that they want you to be perfect to everyone as you are to them.

What is my point here? I’d be lying if I got anything clear. I guess we’re all blinded by love in some way or another, to ourselves or to others. Yes we love ourselves when we’re loved by others regardless of our self esteem issues. When we open our eyes it becomes so hard to realize that we’re not as beautiful as our loved ones see us, everyone has their ugliness, no one is absolutely flawless, and it is by the power of love we were able to survive this harsh truth. Regardless of the reason you want to improve yourself, the first ones you’re willing to impress are your loved ones, and their opinion to you will always matter most, no matter how the world out there sees you, because those are who actually give your life its meaning, and make you want to live just to be with them, and for them you willingly will face death. This is what the power of love is capable of; this is actually pure true love.


I just don’t know why I’m so happy, when I look in the mirror all I see is beauty, is it normal or is there something wrong with me? It’s strange because it’s not the normal kind of satisfaction that happens every day, or it is something exciting that happened and made me feel this way, it’s just so inexplicable I don’t have the right words to say. Honestly, I used to get this feeling before, but either because I’ve eaten chocolate or because I’m in love, and now that I haven’t done both; not even close, it makes me wonder even more what’s wrong, or more precisely what makes it so right? I even started wondering, I haven’t eaten chocolate, so am I unconsciously in love maybe? Because that would be a whole new level of insanity! Then what on Earth could be the reason for this inexplicable state of euphoria?
I started thinking then I came up with this. Yes, I might be in love but this time with the right person, I realized I have become in love finally with myself. Yes I love me. Not in an arrogant, self-obsessed way, but just exactly the right way. I look in the mirror, I see my beauty and no one anymore has to tell me I’m pretty for me to believe. I’m confident and I trust my talents and skills. My self esteem is no longer low like the way it used to be. I’m proud of my merits and embrace my flaws, and with those that need to be improved, I’m doing a good job. I’m not going to be perfect I know, but at least I’m happy, and perfection would be useless with no happiness while happiness doesn’t need perfection to be felt.
Final conclusion is; I don’t need anyone to make me feel good, and make me feel happy and content. I don’t need a lover’s sweet words to make me feel beautiful. I don’t need an outsider’s opinion to tell me that I’m good. I don’t need someone to approve of my talents and skills because I know very well they exist. All I need is to believe in myself and the rest will come along. All I need is to love myself and nothing will go wrong. In the end, if I didn’t love, believe and support myself, who would? Of course I’m the first one who should, and Oh God it just feels good to be in love with me finally.

To All The Broken Hearts Out There

To all the broken hearts out there, who think life is so unbearable, so unfair, who think they lost the love of their life, lost their future husband or wife, and now believe they can’t live without them, and that their life no longer has purpose or meaning; well I have good news for you, that’s all not true, and believe it or not, you all are going to have happy endings, you don’t believe me? Well I’m going to prove it to you right now.

So here’s what happened, you fell in love with that person, or at least you thought, and then you ended up broken hearted, right? Guess what, love doesn’t break hearts, and this means you have two scenarios to chose from.

You didn’t really love that person and that was not the one, they weren’t the right person for you, and you just had really strong feelings for them, and no matter how strong your feelings are, trust me there’s nothing time can’t heal. It may be hard to get over at first, but you eventually will. Always remember that someday someone will walk into your life and let you know why it never worked out with anyone else, and this means it only gets better, so save the tears for something more worthy dear.

OR, this is really the one, and you really are deeply in love with them, and so don’t worry you didn’t lose them, yes I’m sure you didn’t. If you are meant to be, then no matter what happens, you’ll end up together regardless of any circumstances. So cheer up my friend, it will all be good in the end, and you will get that happy fairy tale ending you want.

Always remember that life goes on, it never stops for something or someone, and if you want a happy ending, it is you, and only you, who can make it.

But who am I to say so? How do I know? Ladies and gentlemen, I’m an almost 20 year old girl, so who else other than a girl my age and her friends could know better about love and broken hearts?

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to share my story with you in details, from day one till the happy ending, in a series of posts, some of which I posted before, and so I’m going to delete them and post the whole story again in order. And you can also check the rest of my posts, you’ll find a lot of stories that you’ll relate to, and as I told you before, it always gets better.

In Love With an Idea

Years ago she fell in love, or at least that’s what she thought, and it was no normal kind of love, it was eternal, the kind of love nothing can break or stop. She saw him as the most beautiful thing on the planet, he was the best there is, the best there was, and the best that will ever be. She compared him to everyone she met and everyone she haven’t, and of course no one was good enough, not even close. To her he was an angel, a heavenly creature, cute and sweet, and he always made her heart skip a beat.

She didn’t talk to him much, and to know him more she didn’t get a chance, but she had an idea about who he was, and the farther they grew apart, the idea grew stronger, and the love she thought she had grew bigger.

One day she got the chance to know him more, a chance for years she’s been waiting for, and she didn’t miss it, no not at all, but it was not a dream come true, because the more she got to know, the farther she wanted to go, he was not the angel she expected him to be, not even a normal human being she’d want to know, she was shocked of course, but finally she got to know, it was not him who she was in love with, it was the idea she had for him, and once the idea was gone, the love was gone too, and the only bad thing about all this, is that it took her years to know so.